An unofficial Synaxis of Latin Saints of Old Rome
The purpose of this synaxarion is to equip Orthodox Christians with a synaxis that allows them to commemorate their beloved Latin saints. Being an unofficial synaxarion made out of love by laymen, it is for use outside of the services (such as after the closing prayers at Matins/Vespers when a sermon would be given) or for use in one's own personal prayer life. We hope this may also be of assistance to clergy who have parishes desiring a deeper sense of connection to their heritage, and that it may help clerics read and consider ways to remember these great saints in our liturgical life.

Akathists & Paraklesis

Saint Romanos the Melodist

Our Heavenly Patron of Byzantine Music

Saint Kassiani the Hymnographer

Our Heavenly Patron of Hymnography


The Eight Byzantine Tones
(Alphage's Guide to Byzantine Chant)
Akathist to Saint Theodore of Tarsus

Akathists to the Latin Saints of the West

Saint Brendan the Navigator

Akathist Service

Saint Chad of Mercia

Saint Ciarán of Clonmacnoise

Saint Columba of Iona

Saint Cuthbert

Saint Guthlac of Crowland