The Orthodox Saints of the Germanic Lands
(Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein)

Saint Heimerad, Fool for Christ

Date: b. 970, d. 1019
Region: Kassel
Ministry: Priest, Roaming Fool for Christ

Feast day: 28 June

Saint Heribert

Date: b. 970, d. 1021
Region: Cologne
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 16 March

Saint Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor

Date: b. 973, d. 1024
Region: Holy Roman Empire
Ministry: King

Feast day: 13 July

Saint Iamblichus of Trier

Date: d. 475
Region: Trier
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: Unknown

Saint Ida of Herzfeld

Date: b. 770, d. 825
Region: Herzfeld
Ministry: Holy Widow

Feast day: 4 September

Saint Imerius of Immertal

Date: b. 570, d. 620
Region: Jura, Switzerland
Ministry: Monk, Hermit, Missionary

Feast day: 12 November

Saint Leontius of Trier

Date: d. d. 446
Region: Trier
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: Unknown

Saint Leudwinus

Date: b. 660, d. 722
Region: Mettlach
Ministry: Abbott, Bishop

Feast day: 23 September

Saint Ludger

Date: b. 742, d. 809
Region: M√ľnster, Germany
Ministry: Missionary, Bishop

Feast day: 26 March

Saint Liudmila

Date: b. 860, d. 921
Region: Melnik, Holy Roman Empire
Ministry: Martyr, Princess

Feast day: 16 September
Hymnography: Available

Saint Lullus

Date: b. 710, d. 786
Region: Mainz
Ministry: Archbishop

Feast day: 1 June