The Orthodox Saints of the Roman Patriarchate
The Orthodox Saints of the Provinces of Lombardy, Italy and Sicily

Saint Dalmatius of Pavia

Date: d. 254
Region: Pavia
Ministry: Evangelizer, Martyr

Feast day: 5 December

Saint Dionysius of Milan

Date: d. 355
Region: Milan
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 25 May

Saint Domnina of Terni

Date: d. 269
Region: Terni
Ministry: Martyr

Feast day: 14 April

Saint Damian of Pavia

Date: d. 710
Region: Pavia
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 12 April

Saint Daniel of Padua

Date: d. 168
Region: Padua
Ministry: Martyr, Bishop

Feast day: 3 January

Saint Donatus of Fiesole

Date: d. 876
Region: Tuscany
Ministry: Bishop, Hagiographer, Poet

Feast day: 22 October

Saint Domninus of Fidenza

Date: d. 304
Region: Fidenza
Ministry: Martyr

Feast day: 9 October

Saint Donatus and the 86 Companions

Date: d. 304
Region: Concordia Sagittaria
Ministry: Martyrs

Feast day: 17 Feburary

Saint Damasus I, Pope of Rome

Date: b. 305, d. 384
Region: Rome
Ministry: Pope

Feast day: 13 November

Saint Dionysius, Pope of Rome

Date: d. 268
Region: Rome
Ministry: Pope

Feast day: 26 December