The Orthodox Saints of the Roman Patriarchate
The Orthodox Saints of the Provinces of Lombardy, Italy and Sicily

Saint Nicodemus, the Orthodox Bishop of Palermo

Date: d. 1083 (died in communion with the Patriarch of Constantinople)
Region: Palermo
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: Unknown

Saint Nilus the Younger

Date: b. 910, d. 1005
Region: Abbey of Sant'Agata
Ministry: Ascetic, Abbot

Feast day: 26 September
Hymnography: Available

Saint Nostrianus

Date: d. 5th century
Region: Naples
Ministry: Bishop, Apologist, Defender of Saint Quodvultdeus

Feast day: 14 Feburary

Saint Narnus

Date: d. 345
Region: Bergamo
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 27 August

Saint Natalis

Date: d. 747
Region: Milan
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 13 May

Saint Nicodemus of Mammola

Date: d. 990
Region: Mammola
Ministry: Monk

Feast day: 12 March

Saint Nicomedes

Date: d. unknown, pre-schism
Region: Rome
Ministry: Martyr

Feast day: 15 September

Saint Nonnosus

Date: d. 560
Region: Civita Castellana
Ministry: Monk

Feast day: 2 September

Saint Novatus

Date: d. 151
Region: Rome
Ministry: Holy Man

Feast day: 20 June

Saint Olivia of Palermo

Date: b. 448, d. 463
Region: Palermo
Ministry: Martyr

Feast day: 10 June

Saint Olympas

Date: d. 65
Region: Rome
Ministry: Martyr, Fellow of Saint Paul

Feast day: 10 November

Saint Olivia of Brescia

Date: d. 138
Region: Brescia
Ministry: Martyr

Feast day: 5 March

Saint Orentius & His Seven Brothers

Date: d. 304
Region: Rome
Ministry: Martyrs

Feast day: 24 June

Saint Ostiarius (Romanus)

Date: d. 258
Region: Rome
Ministry: Martyr

Feast day: 9 August

Saint Oliver of Ancona

Date: d. 1050
Region: Ancona
Ministry: Monk

Feast day: 3 Feburary