The Orthodox Saints of the Germanic Lands
(Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein)

Saint Odile (Odillia)

Date: b.650, d. 720
Region: Alsace
Ministry: Abbess

Feast day: 13 December

Saint Othmar

Date: b. 689, d. 759
Region: Werd Island, Switzerland
Ministry: Heiromonk

Feast day: 16 November

Saint Pirmin

Date: b. 700, d. 743
Region: Hornbach, Germany
Ministry: Missionary, Monk

Feast day: 3 November

Saint Palmatius & the Martyrs of Trier

Date: d. 287
Region: Trier
Ministry: Martyr

Feast day: 10 May

Saint Paulinus

Date: d. 358
Region: Trier
Ministry: Bishop, supporter of Saint Athanasius

Feast day: 31 August

Saint Rupert of Salzburg

Date: d. 710
Region: Salzburg
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 24 September

Saint Romedius

Date: d. 4th century
Region: Austria
Ministry: Recluse

Feast day: 15 January