Saint Daig mac Cairill

Date: d. 6th century
Region: Ulster
Ministry: Unknown

Feast day: 18 August

Saint Dallán Forgaill

Date: b. 560, d.640
Region: County Cavan
Ministry: Monk & Poet

Feast day: 29 January

Saint Dalua of Tibradden

Date: b. 430, d. 500
Region: County Louth
Ministry: Disciple of Saint Patrick

Feast day: 7 January

Saint Declán of Ardmore

Date: d. 5th century
Region: Munster
Ministry: Abbot

Feast day: 24 July

Saint Derlugdacha

Date: d. 5th century
Region: Kildare
Ministry: Abbess

Feast day: 1 Feburary

Saint Díchu

Date: Unknown
Region: Unknown
Ministry: First convert of Saint Patrick

Feast day: 29 April

Saint Donnán

Date: Unknown, pre-schism
Region: Eigg
Ministry: unkown

Feast day: unknown

Saint Dublitter

Date: d. 796
Region: Finglas
Ministry: Abbot, scholar, Bishop

Feast day: 15 may

Saint Dymphna

Date: d. 7th Century
Region: Ireland & Belgium
Ministry: Martyr

Feast day: 15 May
Hymnography: Available

Saint Donald of Ogilvy

Date: d. 8th century
Region: Oglivy, Scotland
Ministry: Hermit, Monk

Feast day: 15 July

Saint Donnán of Eigg

Date: d. 617
Region: Scottish Hebirdes
Ministry: Priest

Feast day: 17 April

Saint Drostan

Date: d. 7th century
Region: Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Ministry: Abbot

Feast day: 11 July

Saint Do Biu mac Comgaill

Date: d. 5th century
Region: County Down
Ministry: Unknown

Feast day: 22 July

Saint Dúnchad mac Cinn Fáelad

Date: d. 717
Region: Iona, Scotland
Ministry: Abbot

Feast day: 25 May