Saint Acca of Hexham

Date: c. 660 – 740/742
Region: Northumbria
Ministry: Bishop of Hexham
from 709 until 732.
Feast day: October 20th

Saint Aethelhard of Louth & Canterbury

Date: d. 805
Region: Louth, Canterbury
Ministry: Abbot of Louth, Archbishop of Canterbury

Feast day: May 12

Saint Æbbe "The Elder" of Coldingham

Date: (c. 615 – 683)
Abbess and Noblewoman
Feast day: August 25th

Ælfgifu (Elfgiva) of Shaftesbury

Date: died 944
All England
Mother, Queen Consort
Feast day: May 18th

Saint Alphage of Canterbury

Date: b. 953, d. 1012
Region: All England
Ministry: Heiromartyr, Archbishop
Feast day: April 19
Hymnography: Available

Saint Aebbe of Thanet

Date: c. late 7th Century
Feast day: August 25th

Saint Ælfflæd of Whitby

Date: d. 714
Region: Whitby
Ministry: Abbess of Whitby Abbey

Feast day: 8 Feburary

Saint Ælfnoth of Stowe

Date: d. 700
Region: Northamptonshire
Ministry: Hermit and martyr

Feast day: 27 Feburary or 25 November

Saint Ælfthryth of Crowland

Date: d. 835
Region: Lincolnshire
Ministry: Virgin and Recluse

Feast day: 2 August

Saint Æthelberht II, King of East Anglia

Date: d. 794
Region: Herefordshire
Ministry: Martyr and King

Feast day: 29 May

Saint Æthelburh (Ethelburga) of Barking

Date: c. 7th century
Region: London
Ministry: Abbess

Feast day: 11 October

Saint Æthelburh of Faremoutiers

Date: d. 664
Region: East Anglia & France
Ministry: Princess, Abbess

Feast day: 7 July

Saint Æthelburh of Kent

Date: d. 647
Region: Kent
Ministry: Queen Consort

Feast day: 5 April

Saint Æthelburh of Wilton

Date: d. ~810
Region: Wiltshire
Ministry: Abbess

Feast day: 25 December

Saint Æthelnoth Archbishop of Canterbury

Date: d. 1038
Region: Canterbury
Ministry: Archbishop

Feast day: 30 October

Saints Æthelred and Æthelberht the Royal Martyrs

Date: 669
Region: Kent
Ministry: Martyrs & Princes

Feast day: 17 October

Saint Æthelred of Mercia

Date: d. ~709
Region: Mercia
Ministry: King

Feast day: Unknown

Saint Æthelthryth (Etheldreda)

Date: b. 636, d. 679
Region: Cambridgeshire
Ministry: Princess and Abbess

Feast day: 23 June

Saint Æthelwold of Farne

Date: c. 7th Century
Region: Northumberland
Ministry: Hermit Monk

Feast day: 23 March

Saint Æthelwold, Bishop of Lindisfarne

Date: d. 740
Region: Lindisfarne
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 12 Feburary

Saint Æthelwine of Athelney

Date: c. 7th century
Region: Wessex
Ministry: Prince, Hermit Monk

Feast day: 26 November

Saint Æthelwine of Lindsey

Date: d. 700
Region: Lincolnshire
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 3 May / 20 June

Saint Æthelwine of Sceldeforde

Date: Unknown

Feast day:

Saint Aldwyn of Coln

Date: 7th - early 8th century
Region: Lincolnshire

Ministry: Abbot

Feast day: Unknown

Saint Æthelwold of Winchester

Date: d. 984
Region: Winchester
Ministry: Bishop and Monastic

Feast day: 1 August
Hymnography: Available

Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne

Date: b. 590, d. 651
Region: Northumberland
Ministry: Equal to the Apostles and Bishop

Feast day: 31 August
Hymnography: Matins/Vespers

Saint Alban the Protomartyr of England

Date: d. 209
Region: England
Ministry: Martyr

Feast day: 22 June
Hymnography: Available

Saint Alchmund of Hexham

Date: d. 780
Region: Hexham
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 7 September

Saint Alchmund of Derby

Date: d. 800
Region: Northumbria
Ministry: King and Martyr

Feast day: 19 March

Saint Aldhelm

Date: b. 639 d, 709
Region: Salisbury
Ministry: Bishop, Abbot, and Scholar

Feast day: 25 May
Hymnography: Available

Saint Amphibalus

Date: c. 3rd century
Region: England
Ministry: Priest

Feast day: 25 June

Saint Arilda of Oldbury

Date: c. 5th century
Region: Gloucestershire
Ministry: Virgin Martyr

Feast day: 20 July

Saint Æthelwulf (Adulf)

Date: d. 680
Region: East Anglia
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 17 June

Saint Augustine of Canterbury

Date: d. 604
Region: Canterbury
Ministry: Equal to the Apostles, Archbishop

Feast day: 26 May
Hymnography: Available

Saint Æthelgar Archbishop of Canterbury

Date: d. 990
Region: Selsey & Canterbury
Ministry: Archbishop

Feast day: Unknown