The Orthodox Germanic Lands

The Orthodox Saints who shone forth in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein - (Hungary also included)
Arrival of Orthodoxy:

~3rd Century: Numerous Saints

Confirmation of the Faith:

7th Century: Saint Boniface,
Enlightener and Apostle to the Germans


Faith preserved strongly by the efforts of the Russian Orthodox Church
The beginnings of Orthodoxy in Germany are as romantic and mystical as the Germanic lands themselves. It is possible that Orthodoxy arrived in Germany as early as the beginning of the 3rd century, but due to divisions among the Germanic tribes, it is uncertain when and where Orthodoxy was accepted over Arianism and Gothic heresy.

It is certain that by the time of Saint Afra, there were Orthodox Christians in Germania. In addition to our Holy Mother Afra, the following saints are owed a great debt:

Saint Afra
Saint Eucharius, First Bishop of Trier and his Deacon Valerius and the Subdeacon Maternus
Saint Valerius, Second Bishop of Trier
Saint Maternus of Cologne
Saint Agricius of Trier
Saint Palmatius and the eleven martyrs of Trier
Patron Saint
Michael the Archangel
Most Recent Saint
Saint Alexander Schmorell, the New Martyr
Early Missionary to Switzerland
Saint Gall

The Orthodox Saints of the Germanic Lands
Alphabetical Reference

All Saints of the Land of the Swiss

Date: 3rd century - 1054
Region: Land of the Swiss
Ministry: Service to Christ's Church

Feast day: Sunday after All Saints
Hymnography: Available

Saint Aurelia of Regensburg

Date: d. 1027
Region: Strasbourg, Regensburg
Ministry: Virgin, Nun, Princess

Feast day: October 15

Saint Afra

Date: d. 305
Region: Augsburg, Bavaria
Ministry: Martyr

Feast day: 5 August

Saint Alban of Mainz

Date: d. 5th century
Region: Mainz
Ministry: Priest, Missionary, Martyr

Feast day: 21 June

Saint Adalbert of Magdeburg

Date: d. 981
Region: Holy Roman Empire
Ministry: Archbishop

Feast day: 20 June

Saint Adelaide of Vilich

Date: b. 970, d. 1015
Region: Cologne
Ministry: Abbess

Feast day: 5 February

Saint Bruno the Great

Date: b. 925, d. 965
Region: Reims
Ministry: Archbishop

Feast day: 11 October

Saint Bernward of Hildesheim

Date: b. 960, d. 1022
Region: Hildesheim
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 20 November

Saint Bertha of Bingen

Date: d. 757
Region: Bingen
Ministry: Mother

Feast day: 15 May

Saint Boniface, Enlightener of Germany

Date: b. 675, d. 754
Region: Germany
Ministry: Equal to the Apostles & Bishop

Feast day: 5 June
Hymnography: Available

Saint Burchard of Würzburg

Date: d. 750
Region: Würzburg
Ministry: Missionary, Bishop

Feast day: 14 October

Saint Cunibert

Date: b. 600, d. 663
Region: Cologne
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: November 12

Saint Fridolin, Apostle of the Upper Rhine

Date: d. 540
Region: Säckingen, Upper Rhine
Ministry: Apostle to the Upper Rhine

Feast day: 6 March

Saint Gangulphus

Date: d. 760
Region: Burgundy
Ministry: Hermit & Martyr

Feast day: 11 May

Saint Gotthard of Hildesheim

Date: b. 960, d. 1038
Region: Hildesheim
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 4 May

Saint Gall

Date: d. 646
Region: Arbon, Switzerland
Ministry: Missionary, Monk

Feast day: 16 October
Hymnography: Available

Saint Heimerad, Fool for Christ

Date: b. 970, d. 1019
Region: Kassel
Ministry: Priest, Roaming Fool for Christ

Feast day: 28 June

Saint Ludger

Date: b. 742, d. 809
Region: Münster, Germany
Ministry: Missionary, Bishop

Feast day: 26 March

Saint Maternus

Date: b. 285, d. 315
Region: Trier
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 14 September

Saint Nicetius

Date: d. 566
Region: Trier
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 5 December

Saint Odile (Odillia)

Date: b.650, d. 720
Region: Alsace
Ministry: Abbess

Feast day: 13 December

Saint Rupert the Apostle of Bavaria and Austria

Date: d. 710
Region: Salzburg
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 27 March

Saint Stphen I, King of Hungary

Date: d. 1000
Region: Hungary
Ministry: King

Feast day: 16 August

Saint Sturmi, Second Apostle of Germany

Date: b. 705, d.779
Region: Fulda
Ministry: Abbot

Feast day: 17 December

Saint Symeon of Trier

Date: d. 1035
Region: Trier
Ministry: Recluse & Monk

Feast day: 1 June

Saint Ulrich of Augsburg

Date: b. 893, d.973
Region: Augsburg
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 4 July

Saint Ursula

Date: d. 383
Region: Cologne
Ministry: Martyr

Feast day: 21 October

Saint Willigis

Date: b. 940, d. 1011
Region: Mainz
Ministry: Archbishop

Feast day: 23 Feburary

Saint Wigbert

Date: d. 797
Region: Fritzlar
Ministry: Abbot

Feast day: 13 August

Saint Willibald

Date: b. 700, d. 787
Region: Bavaria
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 7 July

Saint Wiborada

Date: d. 926
Region: St. Gallen, Switzerland
Ministry: Anchoress, martyr

Feast day: 2 May