The Orthodox Saints of the Roman Patriarchate
The Orthodox Saints of the Provinces of Lombardy, Italy and Sicily

Saint Leo of Montefeltro

Date: b. 275, d. 366
Region: Montefeltro
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 1 August

Saint Lea

Date: d. 4th century
Region: Rome
Ministry: Holy Woman

Feast day: Unknown

Saint Leucius of Brindisi

Date: d. 180
Region: Brindisi
Ministry: Martyr, Bishop

Feast day: 11 January

Saint Laurence of Siponto

Date: d. 6th century
Region: Sipontum
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 7 Feburary

Saint Laxarus of Milan

Date: d. 449
Region: Milan
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 11 Feburary

Saint Leo the Wonderworker

Date:  d. 789
Region: Catania
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 20 Feburary

Saint Liberalis of Treviso

Date: d. 400
Region: Ancona
Ministry: Priest

Feast day: 27 April

Saint Liberius of Ravenna

Date: d. 200
Region: Ravenna
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 30 December

Saint Lucy

Date: d. 304
Region: Rome
Ministry: Martyr

Feast day: 13 December (Saint Lucy Day)

Saint Leoluca of Mount Mula

Date: b. 815, d. 915
Region: Calabria
Ministry: Abbot

Feast day: 1 March

Saint Liberato the Martyr

Date: d. 269
Region: Italy
Ministry: Martyr

Feast day: 20 December

Saint Lucidus of Aquara

Date: d. d. 938
Region: Aquara
Ministry: Monk

Feast day: 28 July

Saint Lyutius

Date: d. 1038
Region: Montecassino
Ministry: Monk, Hermit

Feast day: 28 July

Saint Leo the Great, Pope of Rome

Date: b. 400, d. 461
Region: Rome
Ministry: Pope

Feast day: 10 November

Saint Leo II, Pope of Rome

Date: b. 611, d. 683
Region: Rome
Ministry: Pope

Feast day: 3 July

Saint Leo IV, Pope of Rome

Date: b. 790, d. 855
Region: Rome
Ministry: Pope

Feast day: Unknown

Saint Linus, Pope of Rome

Date: b. 10, d. 75
Region: Rome
Ministry: Pope

Feast day: 23 September

Saint Lucius I, Pope of Rome

Date: d. 254
Region: Rome
Ministry: Pope

Feast day: 5 March

Saint Liberius, Pope of Rome

Date: d. 366
Region: Rome
Ministry: Confessor, Pope

Feast day: 27 August
Hymnography: Available

Saint Libertine of Siciliy

Date: d. 1st century
Region: Sicily
Ministry: Bishop, Martyr

Feast day: 3 November