Saint Itta of Metz

Date: b. 592, d. 652
Region: Austrasia
Ministry: Royal Wife, Nun

Feast day: 8 May

Saint Irenaeus of Lyon

Date: b. 130, d. 202
Region: Lyon, Gaul
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 23 August

Saint Illidius

Date: d. 385
Region: Clermont-Ferrand
Ministry: Bishop

Feast day: 7 July

Saint Ida of Herzfeld

Date: b. 770, d. 825
Region: Aachen
Ministry: Royal Wife, Nun

Feast day: 4 September

Saint Judoc

Date: d. 668
Region: Brittany & Ponthieu
Ministry: Pilgrim

Feast day: 13 December

Saint Julia of Corsica

Date: d. 5th century
Region: Corsica
Ministry: Martyr

Feast day: 16 July

Saint Julian of Brioude

Date: d. 4th century
Region: Auvergne
Ministry: Martyr

Feast day: Unknown

Saint Julian of Le Mans

Date: d. 4th century
Region: Le Mans
Ministry: First Bishop

Feast day: 27 January

Saint Justus of Beauvais

Date: b. 278, d. 287
Region: Beauvais
Ministry: Maryr

Feast day: 18 October

Saint Junian of Maire

Date: d. 587
Region: Poitou
Ministry: Abbot

Feast day: 13 August

Saint Junian

Date: b. 486
Region: Saint-Junien
Ministry: Hermit

Feast day: 16 October