Upcoming: Paraklesis & Hymns

Akathist to Saint Alphage of Canterbury (Early 2023)
Matins + Vespers Hymns for Saint Alphage, Saint Aelfgifu (January 2023)
Akathist to Saint Theodore of Tarsus (Early 2023)

More to be announced soon.

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Upcoming: Byzantine Style Icons

In progress:
Saint Aelfgifu of Shaftesbury
Saint Symeon the Five-Tongued of Trier

Commissions will open later in 2022. More info on that soon!

Upcoming: More Detail for A-Z Saints

When designing and doing the initial research for the website, the focus and emphasis on hagiography went to the saints featured on the front page of each Orthodox kingdom. There are many saints missing from the A-Z category.

Not all saints from each kingdom can be included, as there are too many thousands. However, any saints missing which are detailed in the Synaxarion will be added to the A-Z with appropriate data/images. Everyday I update more, so check back!

Upcoming: More detail to the Synaxarion

Everyday the Synaxarion will be updated, so make sure to check back! If you see a day of the year that seems somewhat lacking in detail, it is simply because we have not yet gotten around to writing the full hagiography.

We try and stay about a week ahead of the calendar day. So for example, if you are reading this on October 1st, the Syanxis should be complete with additional detail and hagiography all the way to October 8th.

We use the Syanaxis for prayer and remembrance of the saints, so we like to make sure it is detailed and reverent. Sometime in 2022 that Synaxis will be given the full detail intended.

Upcoming: Translations

Very soon we will have the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom posted in Irish and Welsh.

Additionally, we are working on translating the Synaxarion into many of the European languages. This will be done in 2023, after all the final detail is added to the Synaxarion throughout 2022.

New Icon!

We are happy to share a new icon by our iconographer Aelfgifu. She has recently painted an illumination in the medieval style of her patron saint, Saint Elfgivu of Shaftsbury. She is currently also working on an egg tempera-Byzantine style full icon of Saint Aelfgifu. This brand new icon is published here and under her respective placement on the "England" page. Let us give thanks to God, who reveals his saints to us for the sake of our salvation.